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- Women’s average total retirement savings in the U.S. is just $57,000, whereas men’s average total retirement savings is $118,000.
- The amount of women who have more than $250,000 saved (24 percent) is 45 percent less than the amount of men with the same amount (35 percent).
- Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of women have $10,000 or less saved for retirement, compared to 14 percent of men in the same savings category.
- Over half of women (52 percent) are determining the amount they believe they need saved for retirement by guessing. Just 18 percent use a calculator or worksheet, and 10 percent use a financial advisor.
- A third (33 percent) of women have no retirement strategy. Of those women who do have a retirement strategy, just 24 percent have it written down.
- More than half of women (56 percent) cite saving for retirement as a priority, compared with 62 percent of men.
- Single, senior Hispanic women are the most likely of all senior demographics to live in poverty at 32 percent.

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